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Goals and Objectives
  • Be very clear on what we are asking our staff to teach our students.
  • What does the staff need to know to be successful in teaching our students?
  • How do we identify the needs that have the highest impact on student success?
  • How do we determine the needs of our teacher in relation to what we are asking them to do?
  • What are the best ways to deliver staff development in the areas we have chosen?
  • Which areas need constant review, during the school year?
  • How can parents support attainment of our objectives?
Standards for WUHS
  • Professional growth is linked directly to California State Content Standards.
  • Professional development is focused on effective teaching and instructional leadership.
  • Professional development engages participants as active learners.
  • Professional development focuses content and format on students learning needs.
Indicators of Success
  • Professional development is based on expected student outcomes in relation to California State Content Standards.
  • Procedures are in place to routinely review the growth of "all students".
  • Professional growth is designed to help teachers carry out Wasco Union High School District’s educational priorities.
  • Professional Development features sound, research-based theories and practices in curriculum, instruction and assessment for "all students."
  • Professional Development is base on California Standards for the Teaching Profession.
  • Continual observation and monitoring of teacher use of curriculum, technology, assessments for "all students."
  • Assessments for future Professional Growth concerns.
  • Professional Development that engages teacher review of student achievement data to develop new approaches for professional development needs.
  • School and district schedules that allocate sufficient time for job-embedded professional development.